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So every month, the sponsors on the podcast help give something for you to enjoy. So keep listening for more!


It's 26 essential vitamins and minerals you need to go about your day, and let me tell you; it came in super handy during a recent 24-hour trip to a certain German racing track instead of eating unhealthy petrol station food. 

Huel kept me energised and focused on the road and on track. So if you want the hunt for a quick and easy meal option, go to to receive your free t-shirt and a shaker and support the podcast. Now back to the episode.

Forge motorsport sponsor of the ignition podcast

I want to give a huge thank you to sponsor Forge Motorsport. They're all about instilling confidence and enabling performance in everything they do, and the point of this podcast is to help those listening forge their love of cars. To get 15% off, the code is e98962rx. The code doesn't include brakes, but don't let that stop you from heading over there and making your project feel more racecar than pace car. 

Takona - The brand that opens up about mental health

Takona, the brand aiming to break to stigma of speaking about mental health is generously giving you listening the gift of 15% off storewide using code ignition10 so that you can help give yourself or someone you know the power that ITS OK TO TLK. Click the link here to find exactly what you're looking for:

Carburettor coffee sponsor of the ignition podcast

Do you have one thing you couldn't live without a particular road, track, a cold start or maybe a cold brew? Well, this podcast is kindly sponsored by Carburetter Coffee, the company dedicated to making high-quality and great-tasting coffee. head over to Carburetter Coffee and help yourself to 15% using code Ignition15

Heel Tread sponsor of Ignition podcast

Something I don't think I have shared with you is that I love socks, almost to the point of obsession, so when I found Heel Tread, I was overwhelmed with such a large array of designs from Ferrari to Porsche. I have fallen in love with the Mini socks. If you want to keep yourself grounded in your passion, there is no other place to look. As a thank you, they are giving you a unique code for 10% off IGNITION10

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